((YEAH HELL IS HERE!! But I will be back on the 25th or if I just quit at studying since there’s only one more anyways.))

Anonymous sent:

This is the anon that said they were unfollowing; I'm really sorry!! I'm not up to date with ask art tumblrs and this is the only one I'm following at all and to be fair to you I was having a kind of bad day already. Since you were posting for a couple of weeks already(?) I thought it was permanent. I'm so sorry, you don't have to feel bad!!

((Less than a week actually. But no sweat! Much as I like Gakupo, there’s no way I’d be able to roleplay him the same way the actual Gakumod would, so it’s understandable you’d miss her. This was just an April Fool’s Day joke. www

Also, to be clear, I don’t usually make Gakupo a fool; it’s just that it’s technically “Kaito in Gakupo’s body” right now so he’s like, “Haha time to ruin Gakupo’s life.”))

Anonymous sent:

(Not only has there been a mod switch it seems that there is a slight personality switch as well!)





sutoraberii sent:

what big shoulders u have gaytan


askmegurine sent:

Don't worry, mah homie, I'm here t' protect ya! …Or so that's what it says on the paper. Anyway, get behind me, bro.

((Anon runs away dramatically into the sunset))

booksmangaanime sent:

Don't worry Gaakupo-sama! Your fan girls will defend you from your scary fans! *fans start surrounding Gakupo in a defensive wall*

askkodasan-a-fanmadevocaloid sent:

GIMME MEH COFFEE GAKUPO!!!!! *punches Gakupo in the face*

Anonymous sent:

Ahh, I liked the way the old mod (is it mod? I'm still new to tumblr asks) drew and roleplayed Gakupo. ;; I'm sorry, I'm going to have to unfollow. Good luck with your blog, though!

((omf she’ll be back after april fool’s day))